Who's Children are They?

Whose Children Are They? launched in theaters on March 14th. 
Viewers were moved to tears and motivated to fight back
against corruption in our education system. 

We're excited to announce that Whose Children Are They? is now  available in additional formats! 

(At the website you can click on "Bring to your School/Church" to Host a showing)

Share the movie with every parent and teacher you know and
 Join Our For Kids & Country Movement to empower good teachers to stage a mass Union Exit!  

Our groundbreaking documentary features brave teachers, empowered parents and
frontline experts uniting to expose the nightmares in our schools, 
who is behind them, and how we can restore our authority. 

Amplify the voices of REAL teachers and help us expose bully unions by reading and sharing Standing Up to Goliath with every teacher, parent and caring citizen you know.  Available in print, audio, and E-Books.
Adopt A Teacher and Share Standing Up to Goliath
Buy Now - Share with a Teacher


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