Warning: The books and films on this list will likely be new to you... I purposely, for the most part, left out the biggest names.  I love writers like Coulter, Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Malkin, and Skousen, but I believe in addition to the books by those people, these little known books, games, and videos are an integral addition to any conservative's library.  Read the descriptions to fully understand what they are regarding.  This list of gifts is incomplete only because there are so many great Christmas gifts out there for the Christian Conservatives in your life.  The items in this article were chosen because they are most relevant, many are new, and most of them few people know about.  They are hidden treasures that I highly recommend.  Enjoy. . .

Douglas V. Gibbs is Mr. Constitution.  He has three books out regarding the Constitution, and one of his advertisers for his radio program has a Constitution-based board game (with a 20% Discount for Doug's Readers and Listeners). . . plus Doug has other recommendations - Read on to find out how to buy incredible, Conservative, Constitution oriented presents for the patriots in your life for Christmas:

It is hard to find gifts that are Conservative, without spending hours scouring the internet (because you know they are rarely available in stores).  Here at Political Pistachio, we have the perfect list.  Check it out:

Constitution Quest board game, learn as you play: Normally $49.95, with an $8.00 Discount for the Holidays, but if you enter "Doug" in the Discount box, showing you are a listener or reader of Doug's show or website, you will get 20% off. . . and that discount is good until the end of the year! 

Constitution Quest is an incredible game with beautiful artwork, and high quality materials, made in the U.S.A. by local public school teachers in the Temecula Valley.  The game will be a treasured part of the family for years, and equip you, or your children, or those that you buy it for, with knowledge regarding America's Law of the Land while making it fun to learn.  The game is the perfect family gift for those interested in learning about the United States Constitution.  "What is your Constitutional IQ?"® -- Go to ConstitutionQuest.com to purchase the game, and enter "Doug" in the Discount box when you check out.

Combine the game with Doug's books about the United States Constitution, and you have an ideal combination present for your patriotic friends and family on Christmas.

25 Myths of the United States Constitution by Douglas V. Gibbs examines the myths regarding the document that created the federal government that we have been force-fed for our entire lives.  The book has been out since February of 2014, and has been hailed as "The Context of Conservatism."  Buy it at the publisher's website for $14.99, or on Amazon for just under $13.00.

The Basic Constitution: An Examination of the Principles and Philosophies of the United States Constitution by Douglas V. Gibbs is the textbook you never got in school that examines the language, the context, the history, and the debates that formed the philosophies and principles that were written down, and became, our United States Constitution in 1787.  The book has an easy reference index, glossary of terms, and an easy to read style that makes this book perfect for any readers.  The book sells for $19.99 on CreateSpace, and $17.99 on Amazon.
In Concepts of the United States Constitution, author Douglas V. Gibbs uncovers the concepts (constitutional and unconstitutional) that exist, but are not specifically named in the U.S. Constitution. These concepts are not always fully understood, and this important book reveals them, as well as the political myths and truths that shroud our American system of government. 

In addition to my books, and the Constitution Quest game, I would also like to recommend the following conservative gifts by my trusted friends and colleagues:

Books (in order by Author's Last Name):

- How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrews explores asking the right questions.  11 Million is the number of people killed by the Nazi German regime between 1933 and 1945.  Andrews answers the question in the title of the book, as well as a number of other questions relevant to our lives today. . . because in a society where truth is absent the culture becomes open to tyranny.  Truth matters more than you think.  $11.00.

- Decoding Eden by Harold Ballew is a book relevant in both Christian, and political, discussions.  The author explains how it all began in Eden.  Eden holds the answers to questions about what really happened in Eden, and why the answers are so important to us today.  Eden isn't where it all ends. . . Eden is where it all begins.  $13.99 Softcover.  $30.99 Hardcover.  $3.99 E-Book.

- What Would the Founding Fathers Think? by David Bowman is the perfect gift for the younger readers in your life.  The book takes the reader on a journey with George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison as they discuss today's issues based on the original intent of the United States Constitution.  Filled with wit, humor, and incredibly fun illustrations, Bowman's book skillfully teaches pre-teens and teenagers, in a fun way, the wisdom of returning to our nation's founding principles.  Bowman's book answers the question, "What would the Founding Fathers say about our nation today, and what would they tell the next generation what to do about it?"  Retails at $11.99.

- Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart is the 2011 book that turned out to be Breitbart's only book (aside from a collaberation in 2005 with Mark C. Ebner).  I met Andrew Breitbart March 27, 2010, and less than two years later, he was dead.  Born destined to be a Democrat, he changed his political opinion later in life.  Breitbart was an activist that relentlessly hammered away at the liberal media.  Righteous Indignation tells how Breitbart went from a default cultural liberal to a conservative culture warrior, and ultimately aligned himself with the Tea Party.  The book will raise your blood pressure.  When Breitbart died, we lost an important voice for the conservative movement.  Amazon, at the time of this article, priced the book at only $2.58.

- Falling In Love with America Again by Jim DeMint was presented on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs when I had the opportunity to interview Senator DeMint on April 15, 2014.  The book is fabulous, and Senator DeMint surprised me with his Constitutional prowess on the program.  Now, he is the President of the Heritage Foundation.  His travels led him to write this book based on his experiences talking to people about our founding principles and how we can use them to restore and protect our economy and culture for future generations.  In the end, we are all working towards the same goal: to restore our constitutional republic, our liberty, and the way of life that is America.  The book retails for $25.00.

Hamilton's Curse by Thomas J. DiLorenzo is the book I recommend to people most, aside from my own books.  Alexander Hamilton believed in big government, and his rivalry with Thomas Jefferson is well documented. . . but few truly understand the troubling truth about Hamilton's influence, and actions, that eventually led to the progressive stranglehold we are currently seeing in place in the United States of America.  Ron Paul calls DiLorenzo "One of the leading economic historians working today.  Combines knowledge of the principles of economics, solid historical research, and a passion for liberty."  On Amazon, Hamilton's Curse is currently listed at a little over $13.00.

- Ideological Bigotry by Eric aka Tygrrrr Express is the first book by the speaker at the Constitution Association meeting on December 6.  The Conservative Comedian takes a no holds barred look at politics, with a little comedy thrown in.  Not for the tame.  Eric Golub is "A Politically Conservative and Morally Liberal Hebrew Alpha Male" who loves to hunt down Left-Wing Vipers and put them in their place.  At the website of his publisher the hardcover goes for $32.95.  Softcover goes for $22.95.  An amazing deal on Amazon will get you the book for $1.99.

- Heaven Without Her: A Desperate Daughter's Search for the Heart of her Mother's Faith by Kitty Foth-Regner is the story of the death of a Godly woman, and her atheist daughter's journey to learn more about her mother's faith. . . and eventually to become a woman of faith, herself.  An incredible read of a woman who was living the feminist dream, but upon the death of her beloved mother, on the brink of despair, was forced to ask herself: "Could there possibly be a God?  Does Heaven really exist?"  Bound by a whispered promise to her mother, Kitty set out to answer those questions.  Retails at $14.99.  Currently $13.49 on Amazon.

- The Sky's Not Falling!: Why It's OK to Chill about Global Warming by Holly Fretwell is a great beginner's book to understanding the Climate Change controversy.  Are the claims true?  Are humans causing temperature changes, and weather disruptions?  Fretwell argues the planet has changed before, and it will again.  There's more to the changing temperatures of the planet than we are being told.  The ideas in this book are not mainstream, but instead use a radical idea that seems foreign in our current society. . . in this book Fretwell dares to tell the truth.  $15.98.

- The Post American Presidency by Pamela Geller with Robert Spencer.  The authors are best known for their crusade to educate the American public about the evil of political Islam.  They wrote this book to expose President Obama's destructive agenda.  President Obama has cheered our enemies and demoralized our allies. He is hard at work “remaking” America by destroying the free-market system and nationalizing major segments of our economy, demonizing dissent and restricting freedom of speech, turning against our longtime friends, and above all, subjecting us to the determinations of foreign authorities.  $19.15.  As low at $0.01 for used hardcovers.

Liberty Inherited by John L. Hancock is a journey through history, the history before the American Revolution, to learn where the principles and the philosophies of the Founding Fathers came from, going back all the way to the Saxons in England, the Magna Carta, and the Declaration of Rights following the Glorious Revolution.  John's book is selling for $15.00.

- The Constitution Made Easy by Michael Holler provides the reader with an easy to understand translation into today's language, with the original Constitution on the left side, and the modern terms on the right.  A must own for all patriots yearning to understand the United States Constitution.  $13.84 on Amazon.

Experiencing Islam by James E. Horn. James E. Horn is a retired U.S. Diplomat who has a deep understanding of Islam based on a decade of counter intelligence and counter terrorism work in Islamic countries. This is the book censored by the CIA. $27.00.

The Good Fight by Paul A. Ibbetson. A conservative movement has already begun, but without a sound strategic blueprint for tomorrow, its future success is not assured. This book is a wake-up call. Though some may consider these truths politically incorrect, conservatives need to take a long look at the problems in this country and our responsibility to fight for the values we hold dear.  $13.48 at Amazon.

- Watering the Tree: Thoughts on Liberty and Tyranny by Kender MacGowan, with a Forward by Evan Sayet.  The lone book of poetry on this list, Kender delivers his message unapologetically, with a little extra ummph thrown in.  A great coffee table book, as well as a good read to get your heart pumping, and to get you ready to tackle the tyranny we are up against.  $18.00 at Amazon.

- How Jesus Passes the Outsider Test: The Inside Story by David Marshall is unusual and special, and is just coming out.  Not available on Amazon. . . yet, you may order this book now from the author.  The book, as is his others, is a careful examination of Christianity, with great insight and logical analysis.  Marshall is an incredible defender of the Christian Faith, and presents his arguments in a comprehensible fashion.  You may also check out his other books, all of which I highly recommend.  To order this book contact David Marshall at christthetao@msn.com.

- As America Has Done To Israel by John P. McTernan is an eye-opening book that connects catastrophic events in the United States to our political treatment of Israel.  McTernan states there is a direct correlation between the alarming number of massive disasters striking America and her leaders pressuring Israel to surrender her land for "peace."  As America turns away from Israel, it places our Blessings from God at risk.  We have lost lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars, to disasters that have hit America, always within twenty-four hours of putting pressure on Israel.  Amazon has it for $12.76.

The "We The People" Series by G.R. Mobley examines the solution to restoring our republic.  Mobley explains how we can put into action all we know about the United States Constitution through a convention known as a Republic Review.  His three books are for the serious patriot, who wants to dig deeper than what is on the surface, and learn that, though time is short, there is still a strategy out there for conservatives to use the Constitution to restore our Blessed Republic.

We the People: Whose Constitution Is It Anyway? sells for $34.95.

We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention for Republic Review sells for $12.95.

- Playing with the Enemy by Gary W. Moore is a true story about a World War II baseball team guarding the crew of the German submarine, U-505.  The capture of U-505 resulted in the Americans getting their hands on the enigma machine, so the capture had to be kept secret.  On a secret base in Louisiana, a U.S. Navy Baseball Team, no longer needed in Europe or North Africa to entertain the troops with baseball games, while guarding the crew of the German submarine, taught the enemy how to play baseball - a decision that irrevocably changed the life of Gene Moore - and maybe our national pastime, forever.  An astonishing, heart-wrenching saga, this book ranks among the greatest tales I have ever read.  You find yourself crying, and cheering, and embracing a story you will never forget.  Hardcover $29.95, Softcover $10.95, Audio Book $25.99.  Go to PlayingWithTheEnemy.com for autographed copies.

-- American Classic Series at National Center for Constitution Studies: The Real George Washington ($24.95), The Real Benjamin Franklin ($19.95), The Real Thomas Jefferson ($22.95).  The true life stories of these great men whose names are synonymous with the Founding of the United States of America.  Buy them together, $45.00, or individually.

-- The Making of America at National Center for Constitution Studies: The Making of America is about the world's greatest political success formula. In a little over a century, this formula allowed a small segment of the human family -- less than 6 percent -- to become the richest nation on earth. It allowed them to originate more than half of the world's total production and enjoy the highest standard of living in the history of the world."

"But Americans have more to share than their wealth. They have the world's greatest political success formula to share. In this respect they have been at fault. They have been too self-conscious about their system and its accomplishments. At times they have been almost apologetic that they have had such a remarkable system when the rest of the world did not. The world needs to know this formula." - From the introduction to the Making of America

In this book you will learn the Founding Fathers' story. Much of it is told in the words of the Founders themselves. You will feel the power of their minds sweeping away centuries of bad government and bad laws to formulate a whole new society based on human freedom.  $22.46

- Once A Marine by Nick Popaditch.  The Cigar Marine, caught by a reporter's camera when the statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down, was a tank commander.  Later in his military tour in Iraq, an RPD exploded into his tank.  The explosion tore into his face, and the last face he has ever seen clearly was of the man that was doing his best to kill Gunny Pop.  The book is the Iraq War Tank Commander's inspirational story of combat, courage, and recovery.  Retails for $24.95, but sells on Amazon for $16.00 hardcover, and $14.97 paperback.

- America's Financial Demise by Ethan Pope.  Before you read the Creature from Jeckyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, you need to read this book.  A perfect primer for Griffin's book, explaining in comprehensible terms how our economy is being systematically destroyed, as you learn basic economics.  Shockingly, you can get a used copy at Amazon for as little as $0.01.  New is $3.17.

- Faith on Earth? by Lou Poumakis considers the question that if Jesus Christ was to return to Earth today, "Shall He find faith on the earth?"  The question is one Christians must answer, for they will decide the matter. Believers today have yet to appreciate the magnitude of the responsibility God has placed on their shoulders.  The book is priced at $15.95.

- A Love Beyond Explaining: An Orphan's Journey From Rice to Grits by Jason Robertson is the true story of an orphan from the Vietnam War, rescued from the war zone by a Christian woman, and his trip back to Vietnam in search for his roots.  Retails at $14.95, but Amazon currently has used copies for $0.01.

- The Kindergarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks by Evan Sayet is thought-provoking, entertaining, and frightening. This book explains why the Modern Liberal's thinking leads him to side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. The book finds its foundation in Evan Sayet's Heritage Foundation Speech, which was called by Andrew Breitbart, "one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given."  Available on Amazon for $10.68.

-- For God or For Tyranny: When Nation's Deny God's Natural Law by Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat.  The Founding Fathers knew that when a society turns away from God's moral code, the culture is doomed to collapse.  Benjamin Franklin said that "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom."  The father-son team that wrote "For God or For Tyranny" agree, claiming that if America turns away from God, the American People then chooses tyranny.  $20.46.

-- God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible by Walid Shoebat with Joel Richardson is the best book on Islam I have read.  Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who became a Christian when his wife challenged him to locate the errors in the Bible he claimed existed, uses scripture to back up every one of his assertions in this powerful book.  Warning: This is not just a book you read.  You will want to mark it up with highlighters and notes in the margins, and it will become a valuable resource for your journey to fully understand the danger we face in Islam.  $22.86.

- The Angel from Vietnam by Jim Stewart. In 1970, after four years in Vietnam, Jim Stewart left behind his daughter, Phuong. It is estimated that fifty thousand Amerasians were left behind when America pulled out of the country for good in 1973. Jim carried this with him for years after the war. Join him on his journey through personal tragedy as a young boy in Maryland, his often humorous adventures in the Army, and the serious events that took place during his years in Vietnam and afterwards.  $25.88 at Barnes and Noble.

- Crescent Moon Rising by Paul Williams pulls no punches, and lays out the dangers of
political Islam in clear and understandable English. Forty years ago, Muslims in America were a statistically insignificant minority, numbering fewer than one thousand individuals. By contrast, Islam is today the second-largest and fastest growing religion in America, with more than six million adherents.  Amazon has the paperback priced at $15.11, and the Kindle Version at $9.99.

- Sleepwalking with the Bomb by John Wohlstetter examines the nuclear era by drawing on history since 1945, extracting vital lessons about nuclear weapons in order to guide policymakers and the public at a time of growing nuclear peril.  "Anyone wishing to understand the past, present and future of nuclear weapons should read this fine book before saying or writing a word on the subject" — Richard Perle - Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute and Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1981-1987.  Only $3.85 at Amazon.

- In The Long War Ahead, and the Short War Upon Us by John Wohlstetter, the author offers his national security insight to explain the successes and failures of the War on Terror.  Wohlstetter sees the war lasting generations because of the nature of the radical Islamist ideology.  The War on Terror is a civilizational war of survival, between imperfect civilization and perfect barbarism. The Short War is a war of prevention, attempting to head-off a WMD catastrophe, whose impact could make eventual victory in the Long War seem hollow. "We have," Wohlstetter writes, "failed to invest enough human and material resources to give ourselves the best chance to prevail. The only thing we cannot afford in a war of survival is to lose."  $14.63


-- 180: 33 Minutes that will rock your world - In Seconds, minds were changed regarding abortion.  Watch Online, and buy copies to hand out to as many people as you can.  Kay Arthur, author of "Lord, Is It Warfare?" says: "This should be in the hands of Every Christian!"  Kirk Cameron calls it, "33 minutes of video adrenaline, shock, and hope."  Ray Comfort, a past guest of Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs, leads you through this film, as he asks young people simple questions that change their minds forever.  Buy 10 for $15.

- A More Perfect Union: Become an eyewitness to the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  The 2-hour film covers the Constitutional Convention, including the struggles and the miracles of the historical event.  Filmed on location at Independence Hall; Williamsburg, Virginia; and other historical sites, it dramatically chronicles how America became a nation. $19.95.

- Forgotten Heroes: The movie Hollywood did not want you to see! Starring William Smith as GENERAL GREGORI ZELENKOV.  Nobody knew the Russians were in Vietnam.  However, one Russian General decided he wanted to defect, and it was up to a small group of United States Marines to go into Cambodia on a special mission to bring out their former enemy. . . who is seeking the Blessings of Liberty.  A profound and unique film designed to debunk the myths about Vietnam portrayed by the leftists in Hollywood. "It was a time that turned boys into men... And men into heroes."  Forgotten Heroes sells for $19.95.

- Sick and Sicker: A documentary by Logan Darrow Clements, a future guest on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs.  In the film, Clements examines the American healthcare system, and asks, "Where will ObamaCare lead America?"  Clements shows what happens when "the government becomes your doctor" using licensed news footage from Canadian TV, interviews with doctors, patients, journalists, a health minister, a Member of Parliament, a doctor who went on a hunger strike as well as the producer's own Canadian relatives.  Clements even rents a hospital to show the mismatch between supply and demand in a medical system run by politicians.  Priced at $19.00 at Amazon.

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