Constitution Association Press Copyright Agreement

If you want your article to be published in our quarterly periodical, we must obtain permission from you, or the copyright owner if that is not you.  If there are multiple copyright owners, we may need multiple permissions.  If you are not sure that you own the copyright of your work, see if the work has a copyright notice. If there is a notice, it will indicate who owns the copyright.

Our publication is a quarterly periodical, and requests that we have permission to publish your work in one issue of our publication.  You retain all copyright.  Ours is only a one time use permission.  This is called "nonexclusive permission rights." This means we are granted nonexclusive rights to use the work, and as the author you are free to allow anyone else permission to use the work, or republish your work yourself.

Our use of your work for our publication is a multiple-type use, meaning that we want to use it once in our particular edition, and have permission to also use your work in another resource online, as in on our website.

Should you grant permission for our use of your work, the compensation is exposure, and a copy of the print publication your work appeared in.  

When you submit your work by email, you will be contacted with a Permission to Publish form.  Your email response to that form will be all that is necessary to grant us permission to print your work, and publish it on our website.


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