Compiled by Douglas V. Gibbs
Constitution Association 

Voter Guide

California Election 2014 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Governor of California

Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Democrat
   Incumbent. Pro Amnesty, Environmentalism, Gay Agenda, Obamacare, Abortion.
Opinion: Bad for California

Neel Kashkari, Republican (ü)
   Former Asst. US Sec. of the Treasury for Financial Stability, 2008-2009.  Decrease Regulation, Reduce taxes. Against train project.
Opinion: Donnelly would have been the ideal candidate, but compared to Brown, Kashkari is the lesser of two evils.


Lieutenant Governor

Ron Nehring, Republican (ü)
   Chairman California Republican Party, 2007-2011.  Supports initiative process, jobs and the economy most important issues in 2014.
Opinion: Heard him speak at the Republican Party of Riverside County 9th Annual Liberty Dinner, September 27, 2014, his record and my discussion with him has me believing he leans towards conservative principles.

Gavin Newsom, Democrat
   Incumbent.  Mayor of San Francisco 2004-2010.  Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens, Obamacare, Programs for homeless, Gay Marriage, DREAM Act legislation for Illegal Immigrant Youth.
Opinion: Militant Liberal Progressive


Secretary of State (Chief Election Officer, Keeps Documents/Archives, Registers Businesses)

Pete Peterson, Republican (ü)
   Exec. Dir. Pepperdine University's Davenport Inst. for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership.  Reduction of LLC Business Franchise Tax, Easing filing restrictions for new businesses, Reviewing statewide voter database.
Opinion: Supports conservative ideals, though not convinced Voter I.D. Laws are the way to go.

Alex Padilla, Democrat
   California State Senator.  Expanding participation of voters using local efforts and increasing access to voter registration materials, while improving access to election info through greater use of technology. Apply technology for new business.
Opinion: By expanding participation of voters he means Making sure illegal aliens get to influence the vote.


2014 Constitution Association Voter Information Guide, Page 3

Controller (State’s Accountant and Bookkeeper)

Ashley Swearengin, Republican (ü)
   Current Mayor of Fresno.  “State Controller Office should be a watchdog, and it has been a disaster.”  Economy: “We need to consolidate agencies, simplify tax code, and reduce overall tax rate so we can be competitive in attracting new businesses and jobs.”
Opinion: Recognizes the need to reduce taxes to invigorate and stimulate economic growth.

Betty T. Yee, Democrat
   Board of Equalization member.  Changed her mind to support high speed rail just before primary.  Would like to protect public money from mismanagement, reform tax code to create “tax equity,” including for “same-sex couples.”  Women’s Campaign Fund calls her a “game changer.”
Opinion: Militant Liberal Progressive who jumps on the collective bandwagon to gain personal power and position.


Treasurer (Chief Investment Officer, Banker and Financier)

Greg Conlon, Republican (ü)
   CPA, businessman, and military veteran.   Responded to a recent audit of the State Controller’s office that revealed $31 billion in errors, mistakes and miscalculations. “Accounting errors and lack of oversight could cost taxpayers severely, but If elected I’ll fight to keep money, jobs and hard working families here in California.”  Supports pro-growth tax policies, improving California’s poor credit rating (second worst in the country), and reducing the State’s unfunded pension liabilities.
Opinion: Accurately believes California has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

John Chiang, Democrat
   As California Controller in June, 2011, he withheld legislators' pay on grounds they did not passed a balanced budget on time. Democrat lawmakers filed a lawsuit, and the courts ruled that he overstepped.  Voted with the unions to approve 99 new categories of extra pay that can count toward pensions under Gov. Jerry Brown's pension reform plan.
Opinion: Union lackey, in 2012 commented California would run out of cash "if the State does not borrow more money, and delay some payments."


Attorney General

Kamala D. Harris, Democrat
   Incumbent.  Former San Francisco District Attorney.  Participated with other State Attorney Generals in forging a settlement with banks over mortgage crisis.  Supports Environmentalism, Gay Marriage. Against death penalty, Obamacare, and the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.
Opinion: Militant liberal, possibly eyeing federal bench.

Attorney General Continued

Ronald Gold, Republican (ü)
   Former California Deputy Attorney General.  Under Harris, “Corruption is passed off to the FBI to investigate and prosecute; mortgage bailouts are great for her special interest supporters, and Harris supports allowing incompetent teachers to stay on job.” Supports legalizing marijuana.

Opinion: Very moderate member of the GOP, and during his speech at the 2014 Republican Party Liberty Dinner, an excited crowd became very quiet while he was speaking.  Voting for him only makes sense because of his comparison to Kamala Harris.  She is such a militant liberal progressive that he suddenly becomes palatable as the lesser of two evils. Conservatives will vote for him, but they will be holding their nose while doing so.


Insurance Commissioner

Dave Jones, Democrat
   Incumbent.  Signed regulation requiring health insurers to spend at least 80 cents of every premium dollar on health care, rather than profits and administrative costs, to help implement Obamacare.  Issued gender non-discrimination regulation. Implemented nationwide survey of insurers’ response to climate change.
Opinion: Big fan of Obamacare, considers insurance companies "profiteers."

Ted Gaines, Republican (ü)
   Current member of the California State Senate, vice chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Insurance.  California State Assemblyman 2006-2011.  Former President and owner of Point West Insurance of Sacramento.  In January 2014, Gaines supported an audit of California's health care exchange after reports of $1.37 million spent on an advertising campaign by Covered California, the state's health exchange. The exchange also faces a $78 million deficit during the next fiscal year due to cutbacks in federal funding. “What a waste of money — oh, my gosh,” said Gaines in an interview.  On a scale "100" is a perfect liberal score and "0" is a perfect conservative score, the 2009 Capitol Weekly legislative scorecard ranked Gaines as a 6.
Opinion: Not only abhors Obamacare, but has taken the time to expose it's downfalls, and the danger it presents to the healthcare system, while revealing fiscal problems with California's exchange in relation to Obamacare.

2014 Constitution Association Voter Information Guide  Page 5


California Supreme Court (Yes/No)

Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar
      Current nominee to the California Supreme Court, appointed by Governor Jerry Brown on July 22, 2014.  Cuéllar is running for retention to a full term.  Cuellar was born in Mexico, and walked across the border each day to attend an American school.  Co-chaired National Equity and Excellence Commission to grade American Public Schools.  Member of the Constitution Project, a national bipartisan organization devoted to advancing support for the U.S. Constitution.
Opinion: Though Cuellar is a member of a number of constitutional organizations, his membership's support the case law view of the Constitution, using the courts to subvert the original intent.  Cuellar supports amnesty, and is outspoken regarding his opinion regarding a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers.

Goodwin Liu
   Current member California Supreme Court, appointed by Governor Jerry Brown and confirmed on September 1, 2011. He is running for retention.  In 2003, Liu accepted a position as a professor of law at the UC Berkeley School of Law, Boalt Hall. Liu was named associate dean of UC Berkeley School of Law in 2008, where he worked until his appointment to the California Supreme Court in 2011.  On February 24, 2010, President Barack Obama nominated Professor Liu to fill a vacancy on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  However, after a filibuster in the Senate, Liu withdrew his nomination in a letter to the President on May 25, 2011.
Opinion: Closely connected to hard-left politicians, will do whatever it takes to assist the Obama administration.

Kathryn Mickle Werdegar (ü)
   Appointed to the California Supreme Court by Governor Pete Wilson on May 3, 1994. In November 2002, she was re-elected to a new term of office which began on January 7, 2003. Prior to her elevation to the Supreme Court, she served on the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco.  SFGate calls her the "Champion for ordinary people," and a "Powerful woman. . . and the leading dissenter on a court that leans to the right."
Opinion: Though she is middle of the road on most issues, and her constitutional prowess is very questionable, of the three candidates, she is the best of them.

Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 4, Division 1 (Yes/No)

Gilbert Nares (ü)
   Appointed by Governor George Deukmejian and took the oath of office on October 13, 1988.  Free Republic website lists Nares as a Republican.
Opinion: Definitely a Yes Vote for me.  Has shown to rule closer to the Constitution than most judges I have encountered.

Terry B. O'Rourke (ü)
   Appointed by Governor Pete Wilson and took the oath of office on December 7, 1998Free Republic website lists O’Rourke as a Republican.'Rourke
Opinion: Some questionable rulings, but overall a good choice.

Alex C. McDonald (ü)
   Appointed by Governor Pete Wilson and took the oath of office on June 12, 1995.  Free Republic lists McDonald as a Republican.
Opinion: Gets the highest conservative score of the four judges for this court by Craig Huey.

James A. McIntyre (ü)
   Appointed by Governor Pete Wilson and took the oath of office on June 6, 1996.  Free Republic lists McIntyre as a Republican. 
Opinion: On Craig Huey's Judicial Index, McIntyre is a "5", placing him midway between "Activist" and "Constitutional Constructionist."  His record is slightly "to the right".  A reluctant "yes," because a "no" would allow the appointment of a more liberal judge by Jerry Brown.


Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 4, Division 2

Thomas E. Hollenhorst (ü)
   Appointed by Governor George Deukmejian and took the oath of office on August 26, 1988.  Free Republic website lists Hollenhorst as a Democrat.
Opinion: Constitutional rating is midway.  He could easily be a moderate Republican.  A "Yes" vote only to prevent Brown from appointing a more liberal judge than Hollenhorst.

Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 4, Division 3

Richard M. Aronson (ü)
   Took office on November 21, 2001.  Appointed by Governor Gray Davis.  Free Republic lists Aronson as a Republican.
Opinion: A surprisingly constitutional judge, considering Gray Davis appointed him.  "Yes." 

2014 Constitution Association Voter Information Guide, Page 7

Kathleen E. O'Leary
   Appointed by Governor Gray Davis and took the oath of office on January 21, 2000.  Free Republic lists O’Leary as a Democrat.'Leary
Opinion: Liberal Activist, strong "No."

David A. Thompson (ü)
   Appointed to the court by Governor Jerry Brown on May 18, 2012, and was confirmed by the California Commission on Judicial Appointments on June 28, 2012.  Registered “Decline to State.”
Opinion: Slightly above mid-line between activist and constructionist according to Craig Huey.  "Yes."

William F. Rylaarsdam (ü)
   Appointed by Governor Pete Wilson and took the oath of office on April 10, 1995.  Free Republic lists Rylaarsdam as a Republican.
Opinion: More often than not rules in line with Constitution.  "Yes."

Richard D. Fybel
   Appointed by Governor Gray Davis and took office on February 8, 2002.  Free Republic Lists Fybel as Democrat.
Opinion: Craig Huey as Fybel listed as a "3", placing him well below the line for being a Constitutional Constructionist.  "No."


State Board of Equalization; District 4

Nader Shahatit, Democrat
   Current Auditor, State Board of Equalization, Riverside since 2000.  Supports Upholding Proposition 13, Lower Sales Tax and Increase Tax incentives to bring businesses to California.
Opinion: Not horrible for a Democrat, but way short of conservative ideals.

Diane L. Harkey, Republican (ü)
   Harkey is a former Council Member and Mayor of the City of Dana Point, California. She is the Republican representative in California's 73rd State Assembly district.  Supports Free Market Economics, lower taxes; opposes retroactive taxes or penalties.
Opinion: Very Conservative, Shows basic knowledge of Constitution.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson
   Current California Superintendent of Public InstructionRegistered Democrat.  Supports Common Core.
Opinion: A strong supporter of Common Core loses my vote.

Marshall Tuck (ü)
   Founding CEO of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, former President of Green Dot Public Schools, a leading charter school operator based in Los Angeles.  Registered Democrat.  Supports Common Core, and fast tracking the implementation of Common Core.

Opinion: Thanks to California's idiotic Open Primary voting system, we have two democrats running for this office.  Unfortunately, the voting law does not allow write-ins, keeping anti-Common Core candidate Lydia Gutierrez off the ballot.  However, of the two Democrats, both pro-Common Core, Tuck is the less progressive of the two, so he will get my vote.  This is an extreme case of having to vote for the lesser of two evils.


State Propositions

Proposition 1 Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014

·Should the state sell $7.1 billion in additional general obligation bonds--as well as redirect $425 million in unsold general obligation bonds that were previously approved by voters for resource-related uses--to fund various water-related programs?

Yes: $2.7 billion that would go to new water storage, including dams and projects that replenish groundwater.  Supported by Gov. Jerry Brown (D), US Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D), US Sen. Barbara Boxer (D), Rep. Marc Levine (D-10), California Democratic Party, California Republican Party

(ü)No: Majority of Water Bond Spending Has Little to Do with the Intent of the Measure, filled with environmental pork.  Fiscally irresponsible.  Opponents include various waterway associations, fishing associations, and farming organizations.

Opinion: I agree, we need to fix the water supply, but not like this, not with this kind of borrowing.  The bond is too open for other borrowing to piggy-back on it, and will be used by environmentalists as a slush fund.  A Strong "No" vote for me.

2014 Constitution Association Voter Information Guide, Page 9

Proposition 2 State Budget. Budget Stabilization Account

·Should the State Constitution be amended to change how the state pays down debt and saves money in reserves?

Yes: Establishes much needed rainy day fund.  Forces the State to save money when times are good.  Supporters include: Jerry Brown, Governor (D), Neel Kashkari, Gubernatorial candidate (R), California Democratic Party, California Republican Party, California Forward Action Fund, California Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters of California, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

(ü)No: Proposition 2 will take money away from our schools.  Opposed by Former California Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin (D). 

Opinion: This has been a difficult one for me.  Most Republican Groups say vote "Yes," and this Proposition is one of the few we've seen to ever receive "bi-partisan" support.  But, after careful consideration, I choose "No."  This will be a disaster, in my opinion, because California's spending is out of control, but the politicians won't admit it, and this will encourage them to try and increase taxes so as to create that extra 3% to put into the Rainy Day Fund.  Any shortfall of the money the 3% they must put into this fund, if not acquired by increased taxation, will then, instead of being pulled from bad spending programs, like Governor Brown's "Crazy Train" High Speed Rail project, or money pumped out to union causes, important spending, like education, will be from where they siphon this money.  Then, once it is in the rainy day fund, they will salivate and try to figure out how to get their hands on it.  Also, the measure would allow the rainy day funds to be spent only in the event of a drop in annual revenue below the preceding year, adjusted for population and inflation, or in a declared emergency.  First, as the Obama administration has shown us, anything "adjusted" can be manipulated.  Second, if a Republican ever gains the governorship, as unlikely as it may seem, and he somehow gets taxes reduced, before the free market can adjust and the producers increase productivity to increase overall revenue because the "creation of wealth" pie grew, the first couple years of lower income tax rates will see a reduction in revenue, which will see the politicians running to this fund (if it has any money in it), to spend the money on the spending reductions that the GOP governor put into place, undermining his or her spending reduction strategy.  In other words, this is not a "rainy day fund," but a "money in a pool just in case a Republican ever wins fund."


Proposition 45; Healthcare Insurance. Rate Changes
·                Should changes in some health insurance rates require the Insurance Commissioner's approval before going into effect?

Yes: Will limit rising insurance costs through government regulation.  Supported by U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D), U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D), Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones (D), Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, California Democrat Party.

(ü)No:  Measure will increase costs for consumers, and harm the quality of health care.  Gives ONE POLITICIAN tremendous power over our health care – including our co-pays, deductibles and even the treatment options our health insurance covers.  Opposed by California Republican Party, California Chamber of Commerce, Various health organizations.

Opinion: I cannot stress enough why we must vote "No" on this measure.  The very idea of giving one person that much power in itself, is reason enough to defeat this dangerous proposition.  This is a fast way for the liberal Democrats to undermine the private industry and ensure Obamacare's implementation.

Proposition 46, Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors. Medical Negligence Lawsuits
·                Should California require random drug testing of doctors, require doctors to check a statewide database before prescribing certain drugs, and raise the cap on noneconomic damages in medical negligence lawsuits?

   Yes:  Will only raise a small fraction of health care costs, malpractice is not consistent with high profit margins.  Supported by US Senator Barbara Boxer (D), Consumer Watchdog, Consumer Federation of California, Congress of California Seniors, Consumer Attorneys of California, California Teamsters Public Affairs Council, California Conference Board–Amalgamated Transit Union.

(ü)No:  Gives lawyers a bigger payday, enables more lawsuits against health providers, lawsuit payouts will skyrocket which will be reflected in the rising cost of healthcare because the rising cost of malpractice insurance would be transferred to the cost to consumers, threatens patients personal privacy, would force doctors out of the State, force offices to reduce or eliminate vital services.  Opposed by California Republican Party, Various health groups, various medical societies, various hospitals, various labor unions, various insurance companies.

Opinion: The dangers associated with this proposition are incredible, once you get passed the nice packaging on the surface.  "Do you want doctors intoxicated or under the influence of drugs in the operating room?" we are asked by the proponents.  Of course not.  But if a doctor is pulling that kind of garbage, it won't be long before they lose their license to practice medicine, regardless of this law.  What Prop. 46 does is it opens up more lawsuits with loftier penalties, making worse our healthcare costs, not better.  The frightening truth is if this proposition passes, we would see an increase the maximum amount of money patients are able to collect from doctors in malpractice lawsuits to $1 million from a current cap of $250,000, which will increase malpractice insurance costs, and in turn healthcare costs.  The costly lawsuits that would result from Prop. 46 would lead to higher costs to patients and possible reductions in services, while creating a new bureaucracy jeopardizing privacy by putting bureaucrats in charge of a new database of confidential patient records.  In the end, the damage to the private healthcare industry would be catastrophic.  In other words, this is a ruse to further destroy the private system, opening the door for us to embrace Obamacare as the only remaining choice.


Proposition 47, Criminal Sentences. Misdemeanor Penalties
·Should the penalties for certain offenders convicted of nonserious, nonviolent crimes be reduced from felonies to misdemeanors?

Yes: Stops wasting prison space on low-level nonviolent crimes, Keeps rapists, murderers and child molesters in prison.  Supported by California Democrat Party, Sen. Loni Hancock (D-9), Sen. Mark Leno (D-11), Sen. Darrell Steinberg (D-6), Rep. Nancy Skinner (D-15), AFL-CIO, NAACP, SEIU, California Teachers Association.

(ü)No: Rewrites our laws to benefit criminals, will release dangerous three-strikes inmates, will make it impossible to stop some criminals from buying or possessing guns, hurts consumers by slashing penalties.  Opposed by California Republican Party, California Police Chiefs Association, California Retailers Association.

Opinion: I will vote "No."  Some "conservative" groups have reasoned this may not be as bad as written, and we need to do something about our crowded prisons.  The way to fix crowding in prisons is not to let prisoners loose and reduce the penalties for crime, but to reduce the number of people going in by increasing penalties on more serious crimes in order to deter more people from committing those crimes.  Making their stay in prison seem more like prison, and less like a vacation with all of the amenities of home, wouldn't hurt, either.

2014 Constitution Association Voter Information Guide, Page 11

Proposition 48 Indian Gaming Compacts
·         Should the tribal gaming compacts negotiated by Governor Brown with the North Fork and Wiyot Tribes and ratified by legislative statute be allowed to go into effect?

Yes:  Creates thousands of jobs, generates State and local revenues, respects local control, and protects scenic wildlife areas – at no cost to State taxpayers.  Supported by Governor Jerry Brown, California Democrat Party.

(ü)No:   A No Vote keeps Indian gaming on Indian lands.  A Yes Vote would enable Indian gaming casinos to be built in urban areas across California.  Opposed by Stand Up For California.

Opinion: Vote No.  A "Yes" vote turns California, potentially, into Las Vegas.  Indian Tribes have kept their end of the bargain and have kept casinos on Indian land.  Notice, also, this proposition would give preferential treatment to only certain tribes.  Any time preferential treatment is being dished out, the end result tends to be catastrophic.


U.S. Congress

Duncan Hunter, Republican (ü)
   U.S. Congressman since 2009.  Family values, pro-life, reduce spending, repeal Obamacare, secure border, enforce immigration laws, strong military, gun rights, low taxes and simplifying the tax code.

James H. Kimber, Democratic
   Supports amnesty, Obamacare, growing the drone industry, green energy, global warming legislation, environmentalism, reduce military spending by investing in future technology, developing mentoring and internship programs through schools/colleges, veteran’s care.

Opinion: Duncan Hunter is the logical choice.  A Conservative Republican that values the principles of the United States Constitution.


Ken Calvert, Republican (ü)
   Congressman since 1993.  Repeal Obamacare, strong military, secure border, stop illegal immigration, reduce federal spending, reducetaxes.

Tim Sheridan, Democratic
   Lawyer.  Development green technologies, federally fund job training programs, right of employees to organize (labor unions), student loan programs, school food programs, tax credits businesses, secure borders, e-verify, amnesty for illegal immigrants already in US, Obamacare, reproductive rights, regulate the banking and financial, gay rights; opposes Voter ID laws.

Opinion: Those who know me know that I have no love for Congressman Ken Calvert.  However, a squishy Republican that can be nudged in the right direction is the better choice over a hard-left Obama-bot that champions every single liberal progressive policy and platform issue.

Steve Adams, Republican (ü)
   Riverside City Council.  Pro Economic Growth, reduce regulations, reward good teachers, improve transportation infrastructure, crime reduction, reduce the size of government, reduce federal spending; preserve Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Mark Takano, Democratic
   U.S. Congressman.  Federally fund pre-school, climate change legislation, clean water act, green technology, Obamacare, federal control over lending institutions, voucher system for housing for lower incomes, amnesty, DREAM Act, Pro-Gay, gun control, support for veterans, preserve Social Security, Protecting Medicare and Medicaid, infrastructure, expand Ontario airport; Opposes No-Child-Left-Behind’s “One Size Fits All” approach, Citizens United ruling, Voter ID Laws.

Opinion: Of the members of the GOP out there, Steve Adams has exhibited more understanding of the original intent of the United Constitution than most politicians out there.  He's a local guy with great conservative ideas.

Raul Ruiz, Democratic
   Congressman.  Pro-stimulus, cut wasteful spending.  Partisan Gridlock means Washington is Broken.  Use federal funding to invest in college grants, student loans, and pre-school programs.  Protect Social Security and Medicare.  Supports gay rights, amnesty, and DREAM Act.

Brian Nestande, Republican (ü)
   Current California State Assemblyman.  Reduce federal spending, secure borders, enforce immigration laws, repeal Obamacare, approve Keystone Pipeline, reduce size of federal government returning local control to local government.

Opinion: I have met Brian Nestande three times, and he is impressive.  Still learning the original intent of the United States Constitution, but willing to learn.  Conservative, and trustworthy.  Meanwhile, Raul Ruiz, the liberal left progressive replacement for Progressive Republican Mary Bono Mack in the last election, has proven to be as leftward as possible, supporting all of Obama's agenda, and he could easily be a poster child for the Marxist pro-amnesty Hispanic organization, "La Raza."

Continued on booklet two

When I was creating this guide, the template I originally made for it was not large enough for the remaining information, so I created a second booklet for the rest of the voter guide data.


Christina Gagnier, Democratic
   Create workforce development programs; supports STEM Education (growing industries), federal legislation for Online protection, Net Neutrality, Patent Reform, removing the money from politics and campaigns, climate change legislation, carbon emission standards, green technology, federal legislation regarding fuel efficiency and clean transportation, electrical grid security, improving Affordable Care Act, reproductive rights; Opposes fracking.

Norma J. Torres, Democratic
   Former California Assemblywoman, State Senator.  Issues not clearly defined on her website.  According to BallotPedia, with "100" as a perfect liberal score and "0" as a perfect conservative score, on the 2009 Capitol Weekly legislative scorecard, Torres ranked as an 85.

Opinion: There is no "lesser of two evils" here.  Both are pretty bad.  No recommendation.

Pete Aguilar, Democratic
Mayor of Redlands.  Invest in infrastructure, renewable energy, and education.  Supports sustainable development, climate change legislation, green technology, reducing carbon emissions, protecting medicare and Social Security, amnesty, honoring our commitment to our veterans; opposes giving tax breaks to the wealthy and big corporations.

Paul Chabot, Republican (ü)
   Iraq war veteran, supports cutting taxes, securing the borders, balanced budget, ensuring veterans have the resources and medical services they earned and deserve.  Views securing the borders as an essential component to our national security.

Opinon: I have spoke with Chabot twice, once on my radio program, and rarely do we see a conservative that also exhibits sacred honor in a manner that the Founding Fathers had.  Strong recommendation: Paul Chabot.

2014 Constitution Association Voter Information Guide  Page 3

United States Representative; District 8 (Yucaipa, Yucca Valley, 29 Palms, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, High Desert Communities, Bishop, Mammoth)

Paul Cook, Republican (ü)
    U.S. Congressman since 2013.  Strong defense and national security, STEM Act (education in future industries), support school choice through charter schools, stopping job killing EPA requirements on power plants, supports Keystone Pipeline, direct attacks against ISIS, opposes Obamacare, supports cutting spending, reducing taxes, and keeping the IRS out of healthcare, and the business of targeting groups.

Bob Conaway, Democratic
   Opposed to Voter ID Laws, supports Net Neutrality.  Website unclear on complete list of issues.

Opinion: I met Paul Cook at the Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly meeting a couple months ago, heard him speak, and had a few words with him.  He was excited about what I do regarding the Constitution, and after a few questions I threw at him, I am satisfied he knows the Constitution better than a vast majority of the other congressional critters on Capitol Hill.  Paul Cook receives a strong recommendation from me.

State Legislature

Bonnie Garcia, Republican (ü)
   California State Assemblywoman.  Protect Proposition 13.  Eliminate unnecessary burdens against businesses.  Supports Proposition 1 Water Bond and funding for schools.  Opposes high speed rail project and gun control legislation.

Jeff Stone, Republican
   Former Mayor of Temecula, Riverside County Board of Supervisors.  Opposed to water shutdown in Central California over Delta Smelt, the early release of inmates, Obamacare, gun control legislation, harsh regulations against businesses.  Supports reduced taxes, protecting Proposition 13, reduction in spending, school choice, right to keep and bear arms, the State keeping its promise regarding funding to start up cities like Wildomar, proposed dike for Salton Sea.

Opinion: A battle of two evils, despite the fact that both of them claim to be republicans.  It is a matter of if you want Jeff Stone, equipped with a history of corruption, and voting differently than what he says, or Bonnie Garcia, who has liberal tendencies, and changes her message based on the group she is speaking to.  Both sometimes say the right thing, but cannot always be trusted regarding what they said... but only Jeff Stone has the history of flashing fake police badges, and using his position for his own benefit.  Bonnie Garcia edges out in front for my vote, not because she is a good choice, but because Jeff Stone is a worse choice.

Karalee Hargrove, Democratic
   Against school voucher system, supports reproductive rights and women’s rights, supports environmental legislation, and reduced penalties for drug offenses.  Path to citizenship, but our first priority must be to citizens and legal residents.  Supports “Card Check” (labor union secret ballot).

Chad Mayes, Republican (ü)
   Supports performance based budgeting, local control over schools, reducing hostile taxes and regulations against businesses, stepping up the fight for local control over local issues.

Opinion: I agree with Hargrove on one issue, and with Mayes across the board.  Choice is obvious, Chad Mayes would get my vote.

Marie Waldron, Republican (ü)
   Current California State Assembly Member.  Reduce taxes, cut spending.  “Strengthen penalties for businesses that hire illegal immigrants, and fight to prevent our hard earned tax dollars from being spent on services to illegal immigrants."  Return gas tax dollars to local region.  Fight for public safety.

Nicholas Shestople, Democratic
   Stop Salton Sea from drying up, fix infrastructure, supports water bond, modify Proposition 13, make college tuition affordable.

Opinion: I have met with Marie Waldron twice.  She is knowledgeable, savvy, and principled.  She has been doing great work in the belly of the beast, and she must be reelected.

Jose Medina, Democratic
   Current Assembly Member.  New market tax credits, supports economic development.

2014 Constitution Association Voter Information Guide  Page 5

Rudy Aranda, Republican (ü)
   Reduce regulations that keep businesses from growing, we need accountability regarding education funds, ensure safety services are properly funded, reduce taxes, responsible budget management and accountability, improve public transportation.

Opinion: I know little about each candidate, but based on information I have gathered online regarding these candidates, Rudy Aranda is the better choice.

Conrad Melton, Democratic
   People before corporations.  Reduce rates for student debt.  Against Voter ID Laws.  Raise minimum wage.  Stop GMOs.  Resolve our water problem.  Stop America’s Military Industrial Complex.  Redistribute the Wealth.  Stop Global Warming.

Melissa Melendez, Republican (ü)
   Current Assembly Member.  Support 3 Strikes Law, no new taxes, stop runaway government spending, we need a business tax holiday, with immigration secure our border first and foremost.

Opinion:  Melissa Melendez endorsed me for my 2010 run for City Council in Murrieta (she was on Lake Elsinore's City Council at the time) because she believes in my stance on constitutional principles.  During the Murrieta Immigration Debate I was critical of her because of her delayed response to the demonstrations.  Her press release, however, once it finally made it to the media, was satisfactory.  She has been a fighter for conservatism in a State Assembly that has been, and is, filled with liberal left dominance.  Her opponent is more of the same liberal left madness we've been enduring in Sacramento.  Melissa Melendez receives my recommendation.

Opinion:  I have met John Brown.  He opposes Common Core, and is a conservative.  He gets my recommendation.  Thomasian supports Measure BB, which will result in higher property taxes for equipment that can be obtained by reforming educational spending in the school district.  In a board meeting in August, Crist thanked a parent for expressing their concern over Common Core, a recognition to other board member made, including Thomasian.  However, Crist also supports Measure BB, and was endorsed by the teacher's union.  Thomasian and Crist share some campaign signs, linking them together on the issues.

Opinion: I have met with Julie Farnbach, who has received the Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly's endorsement, as well as the Republican Republican Party..  She is opposed to Common Core, and is a staunch conservative.  I highly recommend Farnbach.  There is little information on the web regarding the remaining candidates.  Website links provided where available.

Opinion: Goals of candidates here in Canyon Lakes Friday Flyer.

Opinion: Karen Spiegel has shown valued leadership for the City of Corona, and provides a Republican voice in a city with a rapidly changing political demographic.  I met Randy Fox at a recent Rotary Club meeting.  He is a pastor, and a conservative.  Fantastic candidate.  Kevin Button has become a valued friend.  Of every council candidate in every city I have researched, Button has the greatest working knowledge of the original intent of the United States Constitution I have come across.  Steve Ruth and I met briefly at the Corona Rotary Club, and his Democrat leanings were obvious in the conversation.

Opinion: I met Paul Raver at a number of events.  Though he disagrees with me on Judicial Review, we are eye to eye on all other constitutional issues.  I met Linda Krupa at the Hemet-San Jacinto Congress of Republicans meeting on October 20, 2014, and she came across as knowledgeable, and conservative.  Larry Smith was one of the three council members targeted in a recall effort that never went to vote (Read about it at BallotPedia).

2014 Constitution Association Voter Information Guide   Page 7

Opinion: Daryl Hickman was the target of a recall effort in March of 2012.  The effort was abandoned the following August.,_Lake_Elsinore,_California_(2012)  Rick Morsch is a former planning commissioner for the city.  Like Hickman, Tisdale is an incumbent.

District 2, Council Member; City of Menifee
Matt Liesemeyer Facebook/MattLiesemeyer
John Baker Facebook/JohnBaker
Tom Fuhrman (Incumbent)
Sue Kristjansson

District 4, Council Member; City of Menifee
Gloria Jean Sanchez (ü
John Denver (incumbent)

Opinion: I am not a huge fan of Scott Mann, based on my knowledge of Menifee politics.  He has been, however, endorsed by republican clubs, and there is no information available that I could find regarding Wiggins' positions.  Mann has accused Wiggins of putting out false allegations against him.  In District 2, I originally supported Tom Fuhrman, but as he has brought on himself legal troubles, my opinion now is undecided.  In District 4, Gloria Jean Sanchez, who I've met twice (I've met John Denver a number of times, too, but he is quite progressive for a person that claims to be a Republican) is the clear conservative choice.

Opinion: Mr. Leeper is a Constitutionalist who regularly attends my Constitution Classes in Temecula.  A fine candidate, but he lacks the experience many of his competitors exhibit.  Knowledgeable, and will be a good choice in future elections, but not in this talent rich race.  James Richardson has failed to attend forums, and has provided no information online.  Brian Barton, a Retired Marine Corps officer carries leadership skills, as well as Christian Conservative values, sorely needed in Murrieta's political leadership.  Jon Ingram, President of the Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly, V.P. of the California Republican Assembly (Statewide organization), and President of the Greer Ranch Homeowner's Association has been the target of a number of political attacks, including a stalker, while quietly amassing significant endorsements, and ranking among the top three in fund raising.  Ruthanne Taylor-Berger is a WRCOG plant, closely associated with Mayor Long and Councilman Gibbs, both of whom have jeopardized their candidacies with potential legal troubles.  Ruthanne is my only solid "No" vote on the list, aside from the two incumbents (Gibbs and Long).  Rick Gibbs was out of control in the 2010 Election, and still is.  He was recently accused of extortion by owner of The Triangle, Andy Domenigoni, and has also been accused of ethics violations.  Matthew Alvernaz is a newcomer, who claims to be conservative.  I have met him, and he comes across as likable, but I have questioned some of his campaign tactics.  He is a San Diego Police Officer, and Army Veteran.  Mayor Alan Long has been labeled a "turncoat" by Los Alamos residents who expected him to honor his 2010 campaign promises of fighting the Riverside Conservation Authority regarding the land grabs that has rendered many of the properties in that part of Murrieta value-less.  Long has also been recently arrested for a DUI injury accident, and recently resigned as a member of the city council, while refusing to drop out of the election.  Diana Serafin is a longtime Murrieta resident and activist that has consistently fought to improve Murrieta, including her support for the 2010 initiatives C,D, and E that called for term limits and limits on compensation, and 2012's Measure N that banned red light cameras from Murrieta.

Local Measures

Measure AA -- Mount San Jacinto Community College District

Bond to To Upgrade Facilities And Expand Support For Student


Measure BB -- Murrieta Valley Unified School District
Upgrade educational technology:

Opposition: BB creates debt for Murrieta that will result in increased property taxes.

Opinion: BB creates debt that will result in increased property taxes.  The last thing Murrieta needs is to dig into debt.


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