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Allegiance to the Republic

Lawsuit v. Kamala Harris  

· Reorganizing the Militia          Mechanisms of the Republic                         

 How the courts are really supposed to operate                      

How to Restore America's Constitution

This is the government the Framers of the U.S. Constitution were working to prevent
 with the writing of our founding documents. While 
the opponents of The Constitution
scream we must save our democracy, and have abandoned their 220 year claim that the
courts are the final say on all that is constitutional, the truth is they've been wrong all along.

 Our Republic is worth saving, but it takes a tireless minority with terrible resolve to work
to regain what we inherited. I will take dangerous liberty over the safety of enslavement
 because as an America I have the freedom to choose for myself. Join us on Saturday
to fellowship with like-minded Americans, and to hammer out the details
on how we can restore our republic.  


Grassroots Efforts,  Strategies,  & Restoring the United States Constitution

Saturday, July 16, 2022                                  Temecula, CA     
                  @ 5 pm (4:30 Doors Open)                        Address Provided when you RSVP
or email to: 

Hosted by  Douglas V. Gibbs
("Mr. Constitution")
President,  Constitution Association, Inc.

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